Medicare Planz CRM

Welcome to the Insurance Consumer Benefits CRM!

We have worked hard to provide a platform that will give our agents accurate data for their Prospecting and Client needs.  With the MPz CRM we have added a couple of features that will make keeping up with your Prospect and Clients as easy as possible.

See below for a list of features!


We have provided you with the opportunity to keep up with your clients details as well as some more important tools.
Keep track of your Clients Important Information to keep them up to date.
With our Notes section you can keep up with yours and your prospect/clients conversations.
This feature allows you to keep up with your set appointments.
We have made it easier to keep up with your clients and all of their policy information.
Keep up to date with your clients medication list
MPz CRM allows your to keep track of your clients Providers as well as the type of provider they are.
With Carriers and Plans you can create a database of the Companies that you represent as well as the Plans that those companies offer. This gives you the ability to create the Policy for your clients.
We have provided you with all of the tools that you need to be successful. Direct links to all of the important Medicare and/or Medicaid enrollment processes and much more.

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